About Us.

iSPeak App is all about apps:  currently apps for gadgets that run on iOS and Android.  We search through the Web, we pick out interesting apps, download them, use them, critique them, and rate them according to their usability and applicability at work (especially clinical work) and play (for educational means).  Many of our reviewed (and recommended!) apps include a description of the app itself, what it does, a list of pros and cons, its possible target group, what (clinical/therapy) goals it can meet, and ratings.

In the future, iSPeak App will look into technology, actual materials–anything–that can be utilized in both clinical work and actual intervention with children and adults.

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  1. As VP of operations and marketing for Synapse Apps, I’d like to thank you for your kind reviews of our products. We work very hard on our products and strive for the highest quality and value to the customers. We’re very pleased you’ve found our apps useful.

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