Smarty Ears’ Assessment & Screening Apps are on SALE until August 19, 2013!


screening-sale1-970x440When apps go on sale, we want to announce it ASAP.  So, despite the time difference, we (groggily) got up to type out a quick post because this is your chance to snap up Smarty Ears’ assessment and screening apps that have gone on SALE!  Time to clean up your iPad’s memory, shut down all bandwidth hoggers in your network, and read up because we’ve got great deals for you:

  • ATEval2Go from $39.99 to $19.99
    • This app is designed to help you document all observations and considerations essential to an assistive technology evaluation. ATEval2Go transfers the recording functions accomplished by paper, heavy computer equipment and other devices to the portable and easy-to-use iPad interface.
  • Basic Concepts Skills Screener (fresh release) from $19.99 to $9.99
    • Basic Concepts Skill Screener (BCSS) is a quick, motivational screening tool created to help assess the basic concept skills in children. Designed by certified speech-language pathologists, BCSS uses technology to engage clients while assessing their school readiness skills. Perfect for all levels from preschool to early elementary, BCSS assesses the concept skills needed for pre-reading and math skills. The Basic Concepts Skills Screener is sure to be a great app for the busy speech-language pathologist, teacher, parent, or caregiver.
  • Bilingual Articulation Phonology Assessment from $49.99 to $29.99
    • The Bilingual Articulation and Phonology Assessment (BAPA) was developed for the purpose of assess-ing the articulatory and phonological abilities of Spanish-speaking and bilingual (English-Spanish) children. Best practices for assessment of speech sound disorders for bilingual children recommends an as-sessment of all languages spoken by the child. Through assessing both languages, one can more easily rule out or explain second-language influences and can describe errors observed in both languages as well as those errors specific to each language.
  • Common Core Early Language Screener from $24.99 to $15.99 (read our review!)
    • The Common Core Early Language Screener (CCELS) is a screening tool used to identify weaknesses in early language skills. The CCELS was designed to be used with Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten aged children; however, the screener can be used for other groups if needed. The skills assessed on the CCELS vary depending on the grade level choice selected by the evaluator.
  • Disfluency Index Counter from $8.99 to $4.99
    • The easiest, cheapest and most advanced way to track your %SS (Percentage of stuttered syllables).The Disfluency Index Counter app allows Speech and Language Therapists to perform a live count of the number of fluent or disfluent syllables. This application comes with two styles of counters: A simple and an advanced counter.
  • Dysphagia2Go from $39.99 to $19.99
    • Dysphagia2Go guides you through the evaluation process with reminders to assess medications, cranial nerves and all the areas on which any good dysphagia evaluation should focus. This app provides a thorough evaluation report template developed by speech pathologists who have drawn upon their experience in varied settings to provide extensive opportunities to record chart reviews, assessment data, and recommendations in a single document, which can then be printed or e-mailed directly from the user’s iPad.
  • Profile of Phonological Awareness from $14.99 to $9.99
    • The Profile of Phonological Awareness (Pro-PA) was developed for the purpose of evaluating and describing the phonological awareness skills of children. This evaluation can be considered as part of a full speech, language, and/or literacy evaluation or can be stand alone
  • Sunny Articulation Phonology Test from $49.99 to $24.99
    • The Sunny Articulation and Phonology Test can be used to identify articulation errors patterns in children as well as adults. The Sunny Articulation Phonology Test (SAPT) is an individually administered clinical tool for screening, identification, diagnosis and follow-up evaluation of articulation skills in English speaking individuals.
  • Therapy Report Center (FREE!)
    • In the past, when you downloaded a new Smarty Ears app you would have to add each student to the app, one by one. Now with the TRC, you enter your students on TRC only once and export all of the students at the same time to each newly downloaded or existing Smarty Ears app. This makes the process of adding students one by one to many apps a simple two-step process. In the past, if you owned 10 Smarty Ears apps, and had 40 students on your caseload, you would have to repeat the process of adding students 400 times. The TRC saves time and makes the use of the iPad even more efficient.

Conversation TherAppy is 20% off to celebrate Mandela Day, July 18, 2013!

conversationsalemandelaApp sales are looking better and better because this time, Conversation TherAppy is taking 20% off from its original price of $24.99!  An SLP from South Africa had offered to translate Conversation TherAppy to Zulu in celebration of Mandela Day.  Take advantage of this app sale because future updates will include FREE translations in Spanish, Greek, Portuguese, French and Filipino!  We are giving you more reasons to snap up Conversation TherAppy in our thorough review article here.  Try out Conversation TherAppy Lite if you wish, but we must remind you that the sale will only be good for one day, July 18, 2013.

Another AppSale! Virtual Speech Center apps now at huge discounts


It must be app sale season, because we were just informed that the prices of           Virtual Speech Center‘s  have been recently slashed!  Check out the links below and see if these are the apps that you didn’t know you had been needing for quite some time now.  These apps will be on sale only until the end of July 2013.

Smarty Ears Summer Sale 2013! TEN apps each down to $4.99


Smarty Ears had just put up TEN of their beautiful apps on SALE effective until July 21, 2013 only!  Each of these apps are now at $4.99, and given the praises we have been getting from our fellow clinicians, several of these are very worth the space you will allot for it in your device.  Click on the links below and grab the following apps now because we most likely will not see these hit this low until next summer:

There is much to talk about the new Conversation TherAppy

Conversation TherAppyWe enjoyed ourselves so much with Tactus Therapy Solutions’ latest app that we almost let this month pass without releasing a complete review about it.  Conversation TherAppy landed in our iPad just in time for Aphasia Awareness Month this June 2013, and it arrived heavy with features.  

When we received a copy of the app, we planned to field-test it with a couple of clients.  We ended up using Conversation TherAppy with all of our school-age kids as well as with our adult clients with stuttering, aphasia, dementia, and verbal apraxia.  In a couple of weeks, our fellow clinicians were borrowing our iPad and trying the app with their clients.

Conversation TherAppy 2Conversation TherAppy is the eighth release from its developer. Given the success of the apps that preceded it, we were eager to discover what the latest app has in store for us.  The app’s Home Screen greets the user with these:

  • the Start button
  • User Hub
  • Settings button (top right corner)
  • Users tab (on the screen’s left)
  • Connect, Tutorial, and Other Apps (on the bottom of the screen)

Let’s start with Settings, for a good reason.  If you are a clinician and you are about to use the app with your client, you will want to lay the parameters out first.  Settings allows you to:

  • select the Number of Trials: minimum of 5, or choose to tackle All items
  • Content:  filter the pictures according to what is appropriate for your client (Child, Teen, Adult)
  • Scoring Sounds:  want the Default ping? The more subtle Click?  Or mute all scoring sounds?
  • Email Results To: enter the primary email address to where the results can be sent to
  • Links:  toggle Links on/off
  • Customize Database:  this is the heart of Settings and will allow you to:
    • select the category of the content you wish to customize and include/omit pictures from that category
    • edit the questions that accompany the Question Types

It is in the User Hub where you get to enter each client’s name.  It likewise allows you to:Conversation TherAppy 5

  • enter notes about each specific client
  • include / omit questions
  • delete sessions

Results are tabulated in the User Hub as well. Select a username from the list on the left of the screen and the Results window will show you the date, the time it took for the client to finish the session, his/her score by the total number of items and in percent values, option to email the results, or delete the entry. 

The Users tab on the left of the screen allows one to quickly select the user/s who will participate in the activity.  Tick the box next to the name then tap Start.  The app (as with most of Tactus Therapy’s apps) allows you to select your categories first prior to starting with the session.  By default, the following screen will show you:

  • a picture that shows the topic that is up for discussionConversation TherAppy 3
  • ten buttons that flank the picture, each representing a Question Prompt:
    • Describe
    • Define
    • Remember
    • Decide
    • Feel
    • Infer
    • Predict
    • Narrate
    • Evaluate
    • Brainstorm
  • User Names on tabs (maximum of 6 users on the iPad, 4 on the iPhone/iPod Touch)
  • Home button on the top left corner
  • Progress bar on the top right corner
  • Backward and Forward arrows on the lower corners

Explore the app by downloading the Lite version here.

Conversation TherAppy 4While it downloads, read on as we explain what we love about this app:

  • clear, sharp images:  This mattered a lot.  A 64-year old client of ours has dementia and her cognition fluctuated a lot.  We used Conversation TherAppy with her and directed her attention to specific parts in each picture, particularly the emotions in the subjects’ faces.  She consistently identified these emotions and managed to note other details in most of the pictures as well.  Image quality was certainly a priority when this app was developed.
  • engaging topics were well portrayed in the pictures:  four 11-year old boys made up our social skills group.  Considering how volatile their attention spans were, it was rewarding to note that the app helped in drawing out a detailed conversation from them.  They chose which pictures and topics they wanted to expound on.  The scene that showed rudeness was one of their favorites because of the varied reactions the subjects had in response to the rude moviegoer.  They argued about their personal interpretations of verbal abuse.  The picture auto theft drew much emotion from our client with dementia, enabling her to summon enough processing powers to participate and explore the topic further.
  • heaps of options in Customize the Content:  we honestly do not have anything else to ask for because the app allowed one to:
    • double-check which topics are unlocked for all populations and which ones are restricted to Teens and Adults or Adults only
    • select or deselect which ones can be included in an activity
    • edit the questions… per topic!
  • user names and scoring buttons are available and are conveniently placed:  It is not easy to keep track of each participant’s performance while doing any group therapy session, but with these User tabs, keeping track is as simple as tapping a button.  And since we expect the iPad to be on landscape mode with the clinician beside or behind it, putting the User tabs on top of the screen just made a lot of sense.
  • Conversation TherAppy 6User Hub keeps track of each user’s scores:  use the app, tap the buttons toscore, and allow yourself to get lost in the conversation.  Let the User Hub track each client’s scores (as long as you consistently use the scoring buttons).  Time and date are also logged in, so it is easy to monitor progress.  Options for emailing the results and deleting entries are provided.  And one more thing:  results can be viewed in graph form.  Yes:  GRAPH.
  • Question prompts are specific to each picture:  there is no better way to allow users to expound on each given topic than by asking specific, open-ended questions.  These questions encourage one to share opinions, thoughts, and stories of one’s experiences.  With the app’s customization features, it is easy to edit the questions and shorten these to match a client’s processing capacity, or even write the questions using the client’s native language (one that uses Roman characters).
  • 12 categories contains a total of 300 pictures accompanied by more than 3000 questions:  as we said, there is much to talk about this app… 3000 questions!

What we would love to see in future updates:  Try as we might, we ended up answering our own suggestions.  Bump up customizability and put in Add My Own Photo option?  The app covered a lot of daily life situations and issues.  An option to add another question prompt?  Edit one of the question prompts and customize it according to your client’s needs.  How about options to view the photo only and/or be able to zoom into it?  Turn off all question prompts, and if you really have to zoom into the picture, take a screenshot, open it in Photos, zoom in as much as you want.

In our opinion, Conversation TherAppy is one of the finest apps Tactus Therapy has ever put out.  With it being heavy on features and flexible with all its customization options, one need not hesitate in using it with any client.  Since we all aim to facilitate good conversational skills in our clients, this app may promise to be a mainstay in your device.  This app need not work hard to earn your love and tapping devotion.  It does its job and it does it so well, we guarantee you that you will use Conversation TherAppy over and over and over again.

Price:  $ 24.99
Weight: 85.6 MB
Updated:  26 May 2013
Version: 1.0
Compatible with: iPhone 3GS until iPhone 5, iPod Touch (3rd-5th Gen), iPad.  Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
Seller:  Tactus Therapy Solutions Ltd
Target Population: children, adults
Awesome if you want to work on:
  • aphasia
  • Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, cognitive-communication disorders
  • stuttering
  • learning disability
  • autism
  • ADHD
  • verbal apraxia, etc.

Customer Ratings (iTunes): no ratings yet                                                                      iSPeak App says: 5 out of 5 smileys


Catch a few apps still on sale as Better Hearing and Speech Month May 2013 ends



Missed the big app sale for Better Hearing and Speech, May 2013? There might be still a few choice ones here for you.

Note: The prices and dates indicated below were obtained from app developer announcements, blogsites and from the App Store. Prices may change without further notice. Make sure you double-check the apps’ quoted prices before buying.

Tactus Therapy Solutions (on sale May 1-15, 2013)

Smarty Ears

Super Duper Publications (from $2.99 to $1.99):

Super Duper Publications:

It’s AppSale Time for Better Hearing and Speech Month, May 2013!


It’s that time of the year again when we all perk up and check our devices for extra storage space because it’s raining apps on sale / gone FREE this Better Speech and Hearing Month, May 2013!  Check out what we’ve got for you:

Note:  The prices and dates indicated below were obtained from app developer announcements, blogsites and from the App Store.  Prices may change without further notice. Make sure you double-check the apps’ quoted prices before buying.

Tactus Therapy Solutions (on sale May 1-15, 2013)

Smarty Ears

Virtual Speech Center

Super Duper Publications (from $2.99 to $1.99):

Super Duper Publications:

Keep checking back at this list as we update it with more useful apps that have gone on sale!

the Articulate It promo code contest has ended, and we have a WINNER!

Last week we did a quick word on Smarty Ears’ update on Articulate It and put a promo code for it at stake in our review article.

Thanks for all who joined the contest!  Our lucky winner is…

Roma Delos Santos

Congratulations!  You are now a  proud owner of a copy of Articulate It!

Send us an email at with your name and contact details so we can send you your promo code.

Stick around everyone.  We may have another giveaway just around the corner :)


Articulate It! receives a major update! Join the giveaway to experience it for FREE

Articulate ItSmarty Ears Apps had recently given one of their highly successful apps, Articulate It! a major makeover.  Articulate It! was designed to help speech-language pathologists, teachers, even parents work on children’s articulation and phonological skills.  Packing a hefty weight of 1000 images, one can use the app to target the production of English consonant sounds.

We updated our copy of Articulate It! and after starting it up, we were greeted with a brand new startup screen.  Love the new dinosaur mascot.  Love the new colours!  We could almost imagine how this new look would pop out in Retina screens (we used our trusty iPad 2).Articulate It 1

Here are the update’s highlights:

  • the Reports screen received a new look, and our kid clients’ profiles were retained including data on past activities, dates of practice, and accuracy ratings.
  • the Select Player screen likewise has a cleaner, fresher look.  We tried to import players from Smarty Ears’ Therapy Report Center, and since we haven’t gotten the app yet, we were prompted to download it right away.
  • after tapping on Quick Play, we were treated to four NEW choices
    • Phonemes:  select which phonemes we would like to work on (including /r, l, s/ clusters)
    • Phonological Processes:  one can opt to start the activity by being more specific and target specific phonological processes
    • Manner of Articulation:  choose your mix:  plosives?  liquids? fricatives?
    • Number of Syllables:  filter the words you want included in the activity by syllable.  You can choose between 1 to 4 syllablesArticulate It 2
  • when the activity started, we were chuffed to know that the app now has THREE levels of practice:
    • Words
    • Phrases
    • Sentences
  • images appear to have been refreshed
  • interface received a facelift:  the main part of the screen is flipbook in style, with other options set in a taskbar at the left of the screen.  One can opt to take notes, or rotate the picture in four ways (that way, you can opt to have your taskbar oriented to where you are positioned in relation to the iPad).
  • report format was redesigned:  nice big letters, with buttons to allow the user to view notes made, what words were used for that specific activity, and to play back any recordings that were taken.Articulate It 3

Just so they can let everyone know Articulate It’s new features, Smarty Ears is giving away a FREE copy.  If you think you’re curious enough to win one, join the contest via Rafflecopter (see below) and follow the instructions on how you can have a chance at snapping up a promo code for Articulate It!

Price:  $ 38.99
Weight: 343 MB
Updated:  11 April 2013
Version: 3.2
Compatible with: iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad.  Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
Target Population: children
Awesome if you want to work on:
  • apraxia
  • articulation
  • phonology
  • naming

Customer Ratings (iTunes): 4 out of 5 stars                                                              iSPeak App says: 4 out of 5 smileys

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Regulate speech rates with Speech Pacesetter

PacemakerNeurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, traumatic brain injury or stroke can adversely affect, among other things, articulation and speech rates.  One client of ours used a metronome that set at specific beats per minute in order to bump up his speech rate.  It helped, to some extent, but we found it necessary to point to specific words in reading passages in order to help the client read faster.

Aptus Speech and Language Therapy came up with the app Speech Pacesetter (formerly known as the Speech Pacemaker).  The concept is pretty simple: the app highlights (or points, using a bouncing ball) the words the client is to read out.   Start Speech Pacesetter up and it brings you immediately to the app’s main screen.  The screen’s top edge shows around four popular reading passages’ titles plus a tab that allows you to insert your own reading passage.

  • The Rainbow (The Rainbow Passage)
  • My Grandfather
  • North Wind and the Sun
  • Arthur The Rat
  • pasteboard


Below the reading passage tabs are the rewind and forward buttons (moves your cursor one word forward or backward), and the Stop, Pause, Go buttons.  

The selected reading passage occupies majority of the screen.  It is the next few features that highlights the beauty of this app:

  • The orange scrollbar controls the speed at which the words / syllables are highlighted.  Want to refine your values?  Tap the minus/plus buttons to nudge the rate down or up a word/syllable.
    • Select word if you want words highlighted (or shown one at a time) or syllable for per-syllable highlighting
  • The blue scrollbar controls the length of the pause or gap in-between sentences.  Tweak your settings by seconds using the minus/plus buttons.  Beside this scrollbar is the
    • Options button:  allows you to
      • adjust the reading passage’s font size
      • color schemes:  dark background with light-colored font or vice versa
      • toggle the metronome sound on/off
      • choose if words/syllables will be highlighted, bounced on by a ball, or will appear by word
    • Info button:  which gives you basic instructions on how to use the app as well as the app developer’s details and contact information.


A lite version of the app may be downloaded here.

What we love about this app:

  • the Pasteboard:  this alone expands the app beyond its first impressions.  Type in or copy-paste a news article, a poem, a song (with the lyrics to be read), even a letter that your client wishes to read to someone.  The Pasteboard lets the client bridge his speech rates from reading passages onto increasingly more difficult ones that are closer to what he/she encounters in real life.
  • easy scrolling when adjusting words/syllables per minute and in-between sentence pauses:  by situating these important settings at the bottom of the screen, it allows the clinician to make fast adjustments to match the client’s performance.
  • one gets to choose whether words or syllables will be highlighted
  • adjustable font sizes
  • simple, fast, light:  with a small data footprint, Speech Pacesetter can work from iPhone 3GS up, and on iPads running iOS 5.0 or higher.  5.8 mb will merely nibble at the edges of your iOS device’s free space.

What we would love to see in future updates:  We are pretty happy with the content, so what we are looking forward to is a couple of adjustments on the interface.  Play, Pause, Stop icon buttons perhaps?  We love the app, and in all its simplicity, it is designed to make reading passages easier to read by a metronome along with visual cues.  No bells nor whistles here, just how we want specific therapy apps to be.

Price:  $7.99
Weight: 5.8 MB
Updated:  15 March 2013
Version: 1.6
Compatible with: iPhone 3GS until iPhone 5, iPod Touch (3rd-5th Gen), iPad.  Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
Seller:  Lorraine Curran © Aptus Speech and Language Therapy
Target Population: children, adults
Awesome if you want to work on:
  • apraxia
  • articulation
  • dysarthria
  • voice
  • stuttering

Customer Ratings (iTunes): no ratings yet                                                                       iSPeak App says: 4 out of 5 smileys