Games with Purpose 1: Boost vocal intensity with Ah Up app, now FREE at the App Store

Another great addition to our list of free apps for Better Speech and Hearing Month (or Better Hearing and Speech Month, whichever you prefer)! It’s not every day that we get an app that can be used for voice activities, but today is apparently a special day: Ah Up has goneĀ FREE!

The app itself is pretty straightforward: Have your little client produce an “ah” loud enough to launch the little quirky rocket off the bottom of your iDevice’s screen. Sustain the “ah” for as long as possible to make the rocket soar to greater heights. Tilt the device oh so slightly to make the rocket avoid flying into birds. Every time a specific height is reached, it marks that height with a line to indicate that the user may want to surpass previously set “ah” records.

It’s usually a good idea to moisten those little vocal folds and take a deep breath before starting. And knowing how competitive kids are, using this app as a game may end up making them shout. Remind them that shouting won’t make them astronauts.

Hit that download button and make that rocket fly!