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Speech4Good connects therapists and clients via social sharing tools

Any rehab professional who ends his or her sessions with clients makes sure that they leave the therapy room armed with reminders to follow through the approaches that they have learned.  Any written activities that they have accomplished are submitted during the next therapy session.  In other times, audio or video recordings are brought back and are reviewed and commented on.  Some particularly hard-working clients opt to email in their output, reducing the time gap between sessions. 

Balbus Speech, Inc. questioned the effectiveness of these scenarios particularly in determining how one can ascertain that clients follow through with their therapists’ advice.  To solve the issue, they harnessed the power of online social sharing and created Speech4Good.

Speech4Good is an app that makes it possible for clients to submit or post samples of their speech production via email or through social networking sites.  When we downloaded the app and started using it, we wondered about how the app can be maximized if a good part of its target population are individuals who (may) tend hide their fluency problems.  Then we realized that with an app like Speech4Good, these very same individuals are empowered by providing them an opportunity to have a direct hand in their intervention and communicate directly with their clinicians.


Speech4Good is a simple, straightforward yet beautifully designed app.  Use it on an iPad and the home screen shows you:

  • the SpeechCenter:  brings you to a dashboard with
    • an oscilloscope or a digital speech graph that responds to voice in real time
    • delayed auditory feedback (DAF) with adjustable delay levels
    • a recorder with a timer that can be triggered to record and to stop recording
  • a Library:  contains all recorded files arranged by date
  • Sharing:  gives the user options to share one’s sessions via Facebook or Twitter, or via email
  • Account: for account settings

Clinicians and the clients whom they work with will most definitely find this a very useful tool in any therapeutic setting.  As we worked on the app, we also realized that its use can stretch to other scenarios such as for clinicians and clients working together on:

  • articulation disorders
  • narratives
  • voice disorders (with the client utilizing the techniques
  • sentence formulation (following a set of take-home written questions or activities)
Think about it:  most of us are online almost every other day.  Much of our work and entertainment are done online.  We keep in touch with family and friends on the internet. We express our thoughts and feelings and we share our stories via email and social networks. Speech4Good is in the right track here:  the strengths and advantages of our online presence merged with the need to share and connect called for one indispensable tool:  the means to record one’s speech output–may these be from reading passages to retelling a story–and share it to select individuals.  With some forward thinking that any clinician and client would certainly appreciate, Speech4Good has made one’s spoken output visualizable using an oscilloscope, and provided a DAF for those interested in using the app for fluency activities.  Speech4Good may as well be one of the pioneering apps out there that is pushing for clients to exercise a greater role in their own intervention.
Price:  $29.99 
Weight3.5 MB
Updated: 4 November 2011
Version: 1.1
Compatible with: the iPhone (and iPod Touch) and iPad
Seller:  Jack McDermott of Balbus Speech, Inc. 2011
Target Population: adults and children
Awesome if you want to work on:
  • fluency
  • articulation 
  • narratives
  • any activity that requires verbal output
Customer Ratings (iTunes): no ratings yet as of this article’s date
iSPeak App says: 4 out of 5 smileys