Sound Touch: Strengthen Concepts with Sounds

Let’s start with something basic.  Something that makes a sound when you tap it.  Something that FLASHES a beautiful hi-res picture when you tap it AND makes a sound.

Sound Touch does exactly what the title suggests and more.  Designed for toddlers and young kids, the main screen holds 12 cartoon images per category.  Tap on a cartoon image and a hi-res picture pops out along with the associated sound.  Each cartoon image has as many as five different real pictures and sounds.  Awesome to use especially if you need to hold your kids’ attention.  Have I mentioned that the pictures are hi-res?  No?  Well, they give the HD in ADHD a different meaning. And the sound quality of the recordings are top notch.  The lion growls and roars are freakin’ realistic.

The categories are:

ANIMALS (farm animals, pets): sheep, duck, horse, frog, dog, pig, cow, rooster, goat, bird, donkey, cat
ANIMALS (zoo animals): elephant, kangaroo, monkey, lion, zebra, dolphin, seal, bear, camel, snake, tiger/cheetah/leopard, wolf
BIRDS: flamingo, owl, vulture, stork, parrot, penguin, eagle, peacock, pelican, ostrich, geese
VEHICLES: airplane, firetruck, motorcycle, bicycle, car, carriage, bus, helicopter, ship, truck, tractor, train
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: trumpet, accordion, violin, piano, recorder, organ, harp, xylophone, guitar, harmonica, drum, saxophone
HOUSEHOLD ITEMS: clock, keys, sink, blender, door, drinks, pot, toys, washing machine, broom/dustpan, mobile phone, dishes

What I love about this app:

  • Loud, crisp sounds:  The saxophone plays a jazz clip (5 different ones!), the horse’s neighing puts my own rendition to shame, and the washing machine reminds me of the pile of laundry I need to do at home.
  • Different pictures per concept: My kids are never bored with this app.  Sound Touch teaches kids that a dog can look different across species but is still a dog.  A guitar can be a classic or an electric guitar.
  • Easy to use: No startup screen, no words, nothin’.  Just pictures and sounds.  App opens on the 12-image grid right away. Tap and get your pictures and sounds.  Shake the iDevice and the sound is repeated.

What this app needs to improve on:

  • Nothing yet! My kids are very happy with this app.  So happy, some of them find the lion growls and roars very… alerting 😉

I got this app free one lucky afternoon.  But you can try out Sound Touch Lite version for free.  If you really, really like it and see how useful it will be at work, what’s $2.99 for the full version?  It’s just like forgoing a McDonald’s cheeseburger meal with a Twister fries upgrade (Twister fries!).

Price: $2.99
Weight: 66.3 MB
Updated: 12 October 2010
Version: 1.7
Compatible with: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad.  Needs iOS 3.0 up.
Seller: Eran Talmor @ Sound Touch Interactive

Target Population: toddlers and young kids

Awesome if you want to work on:

  • auditory discrimination and recognition
  • word retrieval and picture identification
  • building concepts
  • stating similarities and differences
  • divergent and convergent naming
  • associations

Customer Ratings (iTunes): 3.5 out of 5 smileys

SPeak App says: 4 out of 5 smileys