FREE over the weekend: i See-Quence apps

We’ve struck gold in the land of free apps!

The developers of I Get It, LLC announced via Twitter that they’re offering their collection of i See-quence apps for FREE over the weekend.  Why should you get these apps?  Because of three S-words plus one C-word:  

Sequencing Social Stories…CUSTOMIZABLE.

We’re going to make our review on this really short and sweet:

  • each app comes with 36 pre-made icons and 21 user-made icons to choose from and include in the set to be sequenced
  • photos are all real life photos
  • audio clips can be added to each photo
  • each storyline can be customized and adjusted depending on the target difficulty level
  • personalized photos may be added
  • checkmarks can be used to mark completed tasks
There are six i See-quence apps to choose from, all compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch, and can also be used on the iPad. Click on the links below:
Check out their video for help on how to set up each app.

Each app is between 6.5 to 8 mb in size.  Time to clean up your iDevice and free up some space!