Conversation TherAppy’s update carries new languages, including Filipino

Conversation TherAppyConversation TherAppy is one of Tactus Therapy Solutions’ most versatile apps.  A year after we wrote a review on it, we have used it over and over again with our clients young and old, getting age-appropriate discussions going on how to solve shown problems, create stories inferred from the pictured scenes, express one’s own feelings and even expand topics by sharing opinions and experiences related to presented topics.  With its more than 300 engaging pictures that show modern topics and issues, it does not matter whether you are using a sturdy iPad 2 or an iPad Air or Mini with their Retina screens… the visuals are practically flawless.

Today, Conversation TherAppy is freshly updated and now packs a Filipino language set along with other Photo 6-17-14, 8 05 46 PMlanguages such as French, German, Zulu, Spanish and Dutch.  If you happen to find yourself working with a Filipino client, there is always an option to toggle the language on in the app’s Settings.  Filipinos are famously multilingual, and should you use these questions with one, listen to them code-switch freely. 🙂

Conversation TherAppy also comes Photo 6-17-14, 7 14 20 PMwith a new Tutorial window that greets you with a few reminders when you open it after you have updated the app.  It points out several beautiful–and we mean beautiful–features such as:

  • how to add a New User
  • how to Customize the database
  • where to find options to actually Edit the questions
  • its three scoring options: Correct, Approximate/Cued and Incorrect

If you haven’t gotten Conversation TherAppy yet, we suggest that you do.  At $24.99, we guarantee you that it will be one of your constant go-to apps in your iPad.  You might even get to learn and understand a bit of Filipino (or Dutch, or Zulu) on the side!

Photo 6-17-14, 8 13 43 PMPhoto 6-17-14, 8 14 05 PMPhoto 6-17-14, 8 15 27 PM