iSPeak App at ASHA 2011

We were not sure what to expect when we signed up to attend ASHA 2011.  The plan was to set up our poster and present, attend short courses, run around and attend more courses, get reunited with our fellow Filipino speech-language pathologists, and look for a few SLP app-developers and check out a few products in the exhibit hall.

Never underestimate a convention such as ASHA’s ever again.  The entire event was HUGE.  The experience of meeting new people was even bigger!

Who wouldn’t recognize GeekSLP right away?  So we went up to her and introduced ourselves (myself and iSPeak App, to be more exact) and told her that a lot of us back home follow her in her blog.  We were entirely surprised when she, that’s Barbara Fernandes herself, told us that she has read iSPeak App too (goosebumps hatching goosebumps ala-Gremlins).  Barbara is also the founder and director of Smarty Ears.  We were fortunate enough to get a couple of shots with them.  Our friend Nancy was kind enough to play the photographer for us.

We had also planned to check out MindWing Concepts, Inc. and see what they were offering at their booth.  After introducing ourselves, we were so surprised at their reaction:

“It was because of iSPeak App that our views from the Philippines shot up!”


We finally met Maryellen Rooney Moreau, a speech-language pathologist and the founder and president of MindWing Concepts, Inc. as well.  We thanked her for a very helpful and informative narratives webinar that she gave (and we got up very early for) last September.

A turn here, a turn there, and we finally found Tactus Therapy Solutions, makers of apps such as Comprehension TherAppy, Naming TherAppy and Writing TherAppy.  We have collaborated with Tactus Therapy several times and blogged about their apps and how well this was received by our clients working on language comprehension, word retrieval and writing, so it was only natural that we were stoked about finally meeting Megan Sutton face to face.  As a token of our thanks, we gave Megan a handheld folding fan as pasalubong.

Eventually we also found our way to AssistiveWare‘s booth and checked out Proloquo2Go, one of the more popular AAC apps out there.  Finally, we saw Speak For Yourself and talked with them for a bit about their app.  We exchanged hopes of collaborating in the future and doing a review about their AAC app.

The high feeling lasted throughout the entire convention.  It made us realize the power of the internet and of blogging.  We made a mental note to ourselves that we will work harder at spreading app news and reviews out.  We have come to know that people ARE reading.  We hope that all the articles that we put out have been helping others look for the apps that they want.  Thanks for reading everyone!  And to GeekSLP, SmartyEars, Tactus Therapy Solutions, AssistiveWare, MindWing Concepts, Inc. and Speak For Yourself… more power!  Help us establish more connections to more app-heads so we can in turn help others make great app decisions.