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Happy Easter from iSPeak App: New app reviews and giveaways!

imagesHappy Easter to all! 

To celebrate Easter (and to help iSPeak App shake itself back to life), we are going to release a bunch of app review articles this week!  You just might have an app in this list that you are waiting for a review on?

And as thanks from these app developers, some of these apps are going to come with giveaways!  Best hit Ctrl+D or Cmd+D and bookmark this page because we will be posting which of these apps will float a promo code or two for you.

(registration closing soon) Hearing, Speech, Voice and Swallowing Disorders: Asian Perspective

UPDATED 10 March 2013:  Registration for St. Luke’s Medical Center’s international conference on Hearing, Speech, Voice and Swallowing Disorders:  Asian Perspective* on March 17-19, 2013 will be closing soon.  For interested parties, you may contact SLMC’s Patient Experience Division (contact details at the end of this article).  Several changes have been made on the programme as well, including the schedule of the satellite symposia.  View the updated conference programme here.

MANILA, Philippines:  St. Luke’s Medical Center’s Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery will be hosting the said conference.  The conference promises to be a rare opportunity for local and international delegates–medical doctors, otolaryngologists, audiologists, speech-language pathologists and other allied health professionals and students–to gather and share their knowledge and skills in all fields of communication disorders including dysphagia. The conference will focus on the transfer of state-of-the-art knowledge in these fields to developing and threshold countries with emphasis on audiology.

Click here to view the symposium programme’s cover (with registration details and fees). Click here to view the old conference programme.

Some of the invited speakers are:

  • James Alexander Burns, MD (USA): Dr. Burns is with the Cancer Center of Massachusetts General Hospital, specializing in head and neck cancers.  Clinical interests:  laryngeal microsurgery, phonosurgery, voice disorders, voice restoration and rejuvenation.
  • Linda J. Hood, AuD, PhD (USA):  Dr. Hood is a professor at the Department of Hearing Sciences and the Associate Director for Research at the National Center for Childhood Deafness in Vanderbilt University.
  • Karl R. White, PhD (USA):  Dr. White is the founding director of the National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management, USA, and is a professor of psychology and special education in Utah State University.
  • Jose Barajas, MD, PhD (Spain)
  • Norberto V. Martinez, MD (Philippines): Dr. Martinez is the head of St. Luke’s Hearing and Balance Disorders Laboratory, is the chairperson of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology, University of Santo Tomas Hospital and is the course director of the M.S. Clinical Audiology Program of the University of Santo Tomas.
  • William Hal Martin, PhD (USA):  Dr. Martin is an ENT at the Oregon Health and Science University and is the director of OHSU’s Tinnitus Clinic.
  • Kajsa Mia Holgers, MD (Sweden): Dr. Holgers specializes on hearing and balance disorders
  • R. Rangasayee, PhD (India): Prof. Rangasayee is the director of the Ali Yavar Jung National Institute for Hearing Handicap in Mumbai, India.
  • Doris Lewis, PhD (Brazil): Dr. Lewis is a professor and teaches the masters and doctoral program in audiology at the Pontificia Universidade Catolica de São Paulo in Brazil, focusing on pediatric hearing health care, electrophysiology and pediatric audiology, and newborn hearing screening.
  • Philip Newall, PhD (Australia):  Dr. Newall was the founding secretary of the British Association of Audiological Scientists.  He is regarded as responsible for establishing masters in clinical audiology programs in New South Wales as well as in Manila, Philippines (both at the University of the Philippines, Manila and in the University of Santo Tomas).  He is an Emeritus Professor at Macquarie University and is a Conjoint Professor at the University of Newcastle, and a Professorial Fellow at the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children in Sydney, Australia.
  • Xiaolu Li, MD (China): Dr. Li is with the Department of ENT in Nanjing Medical University, China and a research associate in the Hearing Research Unit for Children in the University of Queensland, Australia.
  • Harald A. Euler, PhD (Germany): Dr. Euler is a professor of psychology at the University of Kassel in Germany and works on the neuroimaging of stuttering.
  • Katrin Neumann, MD, PhD (Germany):  Dr. Neumann heads the Department of Phoniatrics and Pediatric Audiology as well as the Cochear Implant Center at the University of Bochum, Germany.  She is the chair of the Audiology Committee of the International Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics (IALP) and is a consultant of the Fluency Committee.  Her research interests include stuttering treatment, using neuroimaging techniques in the evaluation of speech, language and hearing processes, and newborn hearing and language screening programs.

The conference will cover three levels that will serve the needs of the broad audience of attending professionals:

  • An academic-scientific level with keynote speeches and oral presentations.
  • An intermediate level with pratically-oriented workshops for otolaryngologists, practitioners, audiologists, speech-language pathologists, and professionals from related fields.
  • A basic level for community health workers with hands-on workshops.

Among the topics that will be covered by the said instructional courses and workshops are on tinnitus, tympanoplasty, FEES, laryngeal EMG, speech and language disorders, voice therapy, post-amplification rehabilitation, laryngeal videostroboscopy, transnasal esophagoscopy, vertigo, mastoidectomy and amplification device assessment.

To know more about this symposium, contact details are below:

Patient Experience Division

* This conference is a joint initiative of:



iSPeak App’s got a new look (a new header image at least)!

One extremely talented follower graciously submitted her ‘fan-art’ for iSPeak App (we weren’t aware that fan art still goes around).  Nikki Dargantes (@nikkidargy on Twitter) is doing her 4th year in BS Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines.  She wields a mean pen (stylus too, we could tell).  With that talent, and with her future career, could it be that we’re seeing a future SLP who’ll go into therapy material design?  Let us know what you think 🙂  Check out some of her work on Tumblr.

If you want any of your artistic, SLP-related work posted, shoot us an email and we’ll be more than happy to feature you!  And now that we’ve gotten a taste of our first fan art, we’d be hopin’ and prayin’ for more.

Painting Therapy at the University of the Philippines-Manila

Artistic juices are flowing back at the academe, and wow they are churning out really awesome work!  Congratulations to the artists, the Clinic for Therapy Services (Adolescent and Adult Section) (CTS-AA) and to the College of Allied Medical Professions (CAMP) for this beautiful video (click the link below to view).

UP Manila Painting Therapy at CTS-AA 

Therapy Apps on SALE in celebration of the World Autism Awareness Day on April 2

Heads up!  These apps are on SALE on April 2, World Autism Awareness Day!

We’ll be adding more to this list once we get information about other apps going on sale:

NOTE:  Discount availability varies across apps.  Some are on sale for April 2, others are discounted for the rest of April.



Prices Slashed:


iSPeak App at ASHA 2011

We were not sure what to expect when we signed up to attend ASHA 2011.  The plan was to set up our poster and present, attend short courses, run around and attend more courses, get reunited with our fellow Filipino speech-language pathologists, and look for a few SLP app-developers and check out a few products in the exhibit hall.

Never underestimate a convention such as ASHA’s ever again.  The entire event was HUGE.  The experience of meeting new people was even bigger!

Who wouldn’t recognize GeekSLP right away?  So we went up to her and introduced ourselves (myself and iSPeak App, to be more exact) and told her that a lot of us back home follow her in her blog.  We were entirely surprised when she, that’s Barbara Fernandes herself, told us that she has read iSPeak App too (goosebumps hatching goosebumps ala-Gremlins).  Barbara is also the founder and director of Smarty Ears.  We were fortunate enough to get a couple of shots with them.  Our friend Nancy was kind enough to play the photographer for us.

We had also planned to check out MindWing Concepts, Inc. and see what they were offering at their booth.  After introducing ourselves, we were so surprised at their reaction:

“It was because of iSPeak App that our views from the Philippines shot up!”


We finally met Maryellen Rooney Moreau, a speech-language pathologist and the founder and president of MindWing Concepts, Inc. as well.  We thanked her for a very helpful and informative narratives webinar that she gave (and we got up very early for) last September.

A turn here, a turn there, and we finally found Tactus Therapy Solutions, makers of apps such as Comprehension TherAppy, Naming TherAppy and Writing TherAppy.  We have collaborated with Tactus Therapy several times and blogged about their apps and how well this was received by our clients working on language comprehension, word retrieval and writing, so it was only natural that we were stoked about finally meeting Megan Sutton face to face.  As a token of our thanks, we gave Megan a handheld folding fan as pasalubong.

Eventually we also found our way to AssistiveWare‘s booth and checked out Proloquo2Go, one of the more popular AAC apps out there.  Finally, we saw Speak For Yourself and talked with them for a bit about their app.  We exchanged hopes of collaborating in the future and doing a review about their AAC app.

The high feeling lasted throughout the entire convention.  It made us realize the power of the internet and of blogging.  We made a mental note to ourselves that we will work harder at spreading app news and reviews out.  We have come to know that people ARE reading.  We hope that all the articles that we put out have been helping others look for the apps that they want.  Thanks for reading everyone!  And to GeekSLP, SmartyEars, Tactus Therapy Solutions, AssistiveWare, MindWing Concepts, Inc. and Speak For Yourself… more power!  Help us establish more connections to more app-heads so we can in turn help others make great app decisions.




(updated) Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals–ending SOON–on education and productivity apps!

‘Tis the season to rev up your download speeds because we’ve dug up some tempting app price drops and apps that have gone free! From our super-favorite Playhome to Tactus Therapy Solutions’ beautiful therapy apps to handwriting apps such as Notability to the STILL-FREE Toontastic (sweet!), here we present the very apps you’d want to have in your iDevice NOW (or gift to your friends and colleagues via the Apple App Store):

Note: Many of the descriptions were borrowed from the apps’ iTunes pages.

Education and Therapy Apps

  • Comprehension TherAppy:  A rare 20% off the regular price, we highly recommend this app and thus you must snap this up at $19.99.  Top up this app’s lexicon with verbs and adjectives at $2.99.
  • Naming TherAppy:  Read our review of this beautiful app.  Today with 20% of its regular price slashed, this one’s going for $19.99.
  • Writing TherAppy:  From $19.99, this app is being offered for $15.99 for a limited time only.  Read our review here.
  • Playhome:  a certified hit in majority of our therapists’ iDevices, this may be the best dolls house app for the iPad.  Our kids seem to love this app’s interactive build:  one can prepare breakfast for the characters, make them eat, brush their teeth, have them jump on the bed, even turn on the stove or pop a CD in the CD player.  Sale ending SOON!  From $2.99 to $1.99 for a full iPad version.
  • Factor Samurai:  working with your young client on factors?  A fan of Fruit Ninja or Veggie Samurai?  Slash factors using Factor Samurai, a great way to learn times tables.  One can play as the samurai whose sacred duty is to cut all the numbers down to their prime factors.  From $0.99 to FREE.
  • How-To-Draw (Full Version):  Listen, follow the instructions and draw on your screen. See how easy it is.  From $1.99 to FREE.  Now back to original price of $1.99.
  • Toontastic:  a creative learning tool that empowers kids to draw, animate, and share their own cartoons through imaginative play.  From $1.99 to FREE
  • Motion Math Zoom:  An animal adventure through the world of numbers!
    Give your child a chance to play with numbers – they’ll have a blast zooming through the number line as they master place value.
  • School A to Z:  the app brings together a wealth of resources to help parents to understand and support their child’s homework.  FREE
  • Kid Apps 13 in 1: Get 13 great educational apps for FREE with Kid Apps: 13 in 1. This application was designed with the help of parents just like you.  FREE
  • Sea Puzzle for Kids HD:  A collection of cute simple jigsaw puzzles for kids.  From $1.99 to FREE
  • iReading Animal Puzzle HD:  This is a children’s educational puzzle game. By searching and collecting animal puzzles, children are able to do puzzle games as well as learn knowledge about animals.  From $2.99 to FREE.
  • Six Score Counter:  While this may not be the most visually appealing app out there, it serves its purpose by keeping scores for 1-6 persons.  Especially useful in dyad or group sessions, particularly when your little clients get a tad bit competitive.  From $0.99 to FREE.
Productivity Apps
  • QuickOffice Pro HD (iPad) and QuickOffice Pro (iPhone/iPod Touch):  Create, Edit, & Share Microsoft® Office files with the #1 and most connected office suite for iPad. You can also open, edit & save SharePoint® files with SharePlus Pro app.  Also comes with an integrated file management solution with convenient access to multiple cloud service providers including MobileMe, Dropbox, Google® Docs,, Huddle and SugarSync.  From $11.99 to $7.99 (iPad) and from $7.99 to $4.99 (iPhone)… the biggest slash on this app YET!
  • TeacherPal:  TeacherPal is a personal organizer for the teacher. It enables the teacher to organize classes, and students. Its simple and intuitive interface enables teachers to track the attendance, grades and behavior of students.  FREE.
  • Scan to PDF:  This app allows you to obtain images of documents from your camera or image library and convert them into great looking multi-page PDF files. From $3.99 to FREE.  Now back to its original price of $3.99.
  • Notability:  This app supports all of your note-taking needs — handwriting, PDF annotation, word processing, and more work together seamlessly allowing you to create comprehensive, beautiful notes, quickly and simply.  From $2.99 to $0.99.
  • Pocket Informant HD:  an integrated calendaring and GTD®-based tasks solution for the iPad. This app has managed to bring together best-of-class calendaring with best-of-class tasks into one great solution. From $14.99 to $5.99.
  • NotifyMe (iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch):  Manage and create reminders with comfort on a big iPad screen, or make these reminders portable in your iPhone or iPod Touch. It’s easy, yet provides advanced reminder features. It syncs live via cloud with NotifyMe on iPhone and Mac, so your reminders are always with you wherever you are. When a reminder is due, the notification pops up on your iPad, iPhone or Mac (iPhone and Mac apps sold separately).  From $4.99 to $1.99 (iPad), and from $3.99 to $0.99 (iPhone/iPod Touch).
  • iWriter:  This app rather reminds us of OmmWriter.  iWriter is simple and elegant text editor, perfect for focused report-writing.  From $4.99 to $1.99. Now priced at $3.99.
  • Wikly – A Weekly Calendar for the iPad:  The name says it all.  And why should you, a speech-language pathologist need one?  Three words:  weekly client scheduling.  Enough said.  From $3.99 to $0.99.  Now back at $3.99.
  • Noteshelf:  The most beautiful note taking app ever designed for the iPad. Noteshelf is the handwriting note taker that features super natural digital ink, a stunning UI and a comprehensive toolset that will increase the benefits of owning an iPad by leaps and bounds.  From $4.99 to $0.99.
  • Slide To Do:  Hate it when you have to unlock your iPhone just so you can access your to-do list or your grocery list?  This app puts your task list directly on the Lock Screen.  From $1.99 to $0.99.
These deals are too good to ignore.  Some of these have already shed their sale/free statuses.  Get them now before they vanish!

Free NAP Book (.pdf): Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy for Traumatic Brain Injury: Evaluating the Evidence

The National Academies Press (NAP) had recently released a prepublication pdf version of a book relevant to our practice:  Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy for Traumatic Brain Injury:  Evaluating the Evidence.  The book’s NAP page offers you a peek into its table of contents, enables you to skim through the pages and read it online for free.

You can go ahead and download the prepublished pdf by clicking on the Download button in the book’s page.  Feel free to register at NAP, but if you don’t feel like registering, click Continue As Guest.  You’ll be asked to fill in a few form fields including a comment box and NAP directs you back to the book’s original page that contains a direct download button.

Do note that the book is prepublished, which means the book is an uncorrected version.  If you’d prefer to own a final copy, you can pre-order it in NAP for $52.43.