We’re BACK! And we’ve missed you!

Were-BackIt has been a pretty busy for us these past few months, enough to take us away from blogging.  For all that it was worth, we have managed to fulfill not just a lot of clinical responsibilities, but academic as well.  Lent a hand in teaching a graduate course, taught not in one but two undergraduate courses, did undergraduate thesis advising, and eventually at the end of our school year, helped graduate a new batch of young bachelor’s degree holders of speech-language pathology, doubling the output of young clinicians in
the country for the first time in history 🙂

Great school year.  But we’ve missed blogging!  We’ve missed you!  And now we’re back. Hopefully this time we can put out choice articles more regularly.  More and more clinicians, teachers, parents, and clients have been asking us for app recommendations.  Several app developers have asked us to do reviews of their apps.  And just as importantly, we owe several of our friends app reviews.  Thanks for putting your trust in us and for being so patient (we are bowing here in respect)!  

If there is a good example of serious bottlenecking of processing resources, our workload these past months is one.  Here’s hoping we can allocate ourselves appropriately this time 😉

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