Big month this month for App Sales: Autism Awareness Month 2014

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 11.05.49 PMOh this feels good, to be back and on the hunt for app deals! We have upgraded to the new iPad Air months ago along with its sidekick, the latest iPad Mini.  We’ve migrated all our apps into these two new babies and everything just pops out of the screen.

But it’s app sale time and while we may have missed the previous Autism Awareness Month app sale announcements, there are still some that are waiting for you to take advantage of their low prices NOW.  So, let’s see what we’ve got here. **rolls sleeves up**

  • Pepi Doctor ($1.99 to FREE):  If you haven’t tried any of Pepi Play’s apps, then you’re missing a lot 🙂
  • Quick Clocks ($1.99 to FREE):  Teach children how to tell the time using analog and digital clock formats.  Set difficulty levels, have them write the time shown on the clock, enable / disable 24-hour formats.
  • Pili Pop–English Learning Games for Kids ($6.99 to $2.99):  This one’s a pretty good deal… packing 24 games in one app, Pili Pop helps teach English pronunciation and uses speech recognition tools, builds English vocabulary, facilitates language comprehension via games, and can produce free monthly progress reports of every child that uses the app.  Oh, one more thing:  NO in-app purchases.
  • Sentence Creator–Learn to Build and Write Your First Sentences (FREE):  Highly customisable, this app allows you to make your own activities.  Create short or long sentences, adjust difficulty levels, track users’ progress via sticker rewards for smaller kids and scorecards for older ones.  
  • Dr. Panda’s Airport ($1.99 to FREE):  We fell in love with Dr. Panda’s Beauty Salon not just because the nail polish activity was an absolute winner… but because there are SO many therapy goals that can be targeted using it.  We eventually snagged Dr. Panda’s Restaurant and now we’ve got the Airport.  Prepare your young client for vacation trips and take them step-by-step in going through airport security (remove keys from pockets before getting scanned!), take the shuttle to respective departure gates, even get passports stamped!  
  • Expressive ($29.99 to $14.99):  Many AAC apps tend to be a bit pricey, but Expressive offers children and adults the opportunity to communicate their wants and needs by touching over 10,000 symbols and pictures that draw from Smarty Ears’ Smarty Symbols library of built-in images.  Customize the app and create your own folders, rearrange images, choose images with audio files, change font styles, add your own images, and even lock the app to prevent settings from being modified.  
  • Social Quest ($21.99 to $10.99):  Understanding and utilizing pragmatic language in different social situations is always a challenge in any group of students.  Social Quest packs stories about real-world situations and allows students to determine which responses to a social situation are correct or incorrect, provide more than one answer to each situation, respond to questions in various locations, etc.  Difficulty levels can be modified, specific social situation locations can be selected, and with more than 800 questions across both main activities, this app’s one good investment.
  • VERBS News ($9.99 to $5.99):  Work on verb tenses while your young client pretends to be a news anchor.  The app allows multiple account users, use audio recording, track correct and incorrect answers, emailing results after the game, etc.
  • Magical Concepts ($9.99 to $5.99):  Have your little one get familiar with language concepts such as far and near, loud and quiet, crooked and straight… over 60 concepts in all.
  • Syntax Workout ($16.99 to $9.99):  With more than 1500 stimuli, this app helps in the comprehension of various pronouns (objective, demonstrative, subjective, etc.), was vs. were, do vs. does, and many more.
  • Sentence Workout ($12.99 to $7.99):  Children learn how to manage sentences by moving parts of sentences around into their respective places in order to create a grammatically correct one.  
  • Toca Lab ($3.99 to $2.99):  Toca Boca apps are awesome, and Lab is no exception.  Got a budding chemist in your little group?  This app offers activities that utilise centrifuges, Bunsen burners, mixing liquids in test tubes, etc.  Invite experimentation and discovery as your little clients mix liquids together and discover how to make them magnetic.
  • Collins Big Cat:  At the Dump Story Creator ($3.99 to FREE):  This one’s an interactive book AND a story creator!  Written for children aged four years and up, promote reading and comprehension skills, record narration and sound effects, create your own book using pictures, characters and key vocabulary from the story.  Teach children the concept of recycling, how crucial it is to tidy up all household waste into proper places, etc.
  • Collins Big Cat:  Playing Story Creator ($3.99 to FREE):  Same features as the previous app, but this time, this talks about different places where one can play.

Did we miss really good apps that are on sale?  Let us know and we’ll add it here for you!

We’re BACK! And we’ve missed you!

Were-BackIt has been a pretty busy for us these past few months, enough to take us away from blogging.  For all that it was worth, we have managed to fulfill not just a lot of clinical responsibilities, but academic as well.  Lent a hand in teaching a graduate course, taught not in one but two undergraduate courses, did undergraduate thesis advising, and eventually at the end of our school year, helped graduate a new batch of young bachelor’s degree holders of speech-language pathology, doubling the output of young clinicians in
the country for the first time in history 🙂

Great school year.  But we’ve missed blogging!  We’ve missed you!  And now we’re back. Hopefully this time we can put out choice articles more regularly.  More and more clinicians, teachers, parents, and clients have been asking us for app recommendations.  Several app developers have asked us to do reviews of their apps.  And just as importantly, we owe several of our friends app reviews.  Thanks for putting your trust in us and for being so patient (we are bowing here in respect)!  

If there is a good example of serious bottlenecking of processing resources, our workload these past months is one.  Here’s hoping we can allocate ourselves appropriately this time 😉