Christmas season means giveaways from Tactus Therapy!

Tactus Therapy Solutions, the makers of the apps we reviewed such as Comprehension TherAppy, Naming TherAppy, Writing TherAppy, Reading TherAppy, Visual Attention TherAppySpaced Retrieval TherAppy and Category TherAppy (review coming soon!) is going to sprinkle your Christmas season with giveaways right in their Facebook page.  From December 6 to 21, a day-long app contest featuring free apps will be announced at 4:00 pm PST.  Codes will be given away to followers who “like” their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter, answer a question, or write a review.  If you want a chance to win one (or more!) of their beautiful apps, zip by their Facebook page and keep joining until the 21st.  

Remember that all their apps are compatible with iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch). Sign up for their newsletter if you want to be updated as to when they will be releasing Android- / Windows-compatible versions.