Beef up your arsenal with these syntax apps

iBooks and PDF readers are extremely useful tools whenever your activities for the day include working on English syntax.  We don’t know about you, but some of our kids eventually don’t find it entertaining to go through .pdf material and learn grammar the usual ‘book’ way.

Thanks to our fellow SLP, Nancy L., we got screenshots of her app collection on her iPad and checked out the apps that she had so painstakingly picked out at the App Store:

  • Preposition Remix by Smarty Ears ($9.99) SLP-designed and made, the app contains 20 of the most commonly used English prepositions, with options that allows one to toggle certain prepositions off/on, thereby customizing the lesson for each kid.  Read our review here.
  • Practice English Grammar 2 by CrowdUni (FREE) this one is a treasure trove!
  • Verbs Game Lite by Mobion (lite version, thus FREE)
  • GetAcross Free (uh… FREE) helps your client learn prepositions and phrasal verbs by making the character cross rivers, lava flows, and canyons
  • Grammar Up: Phrasal Verbs by Eknath Kadam ($2.99) with 26 topics and 750 multiple choice questions with explanation
  • GRE Vocab Study Aid by Mansoor Jafri (FREE) carries 700 high-frequency words in flashcard format and reviews are done via a quiz game
  • Verb Mayhem Series by Generate Learning were designed to help develop and improve children’s skills in recognizing parts of speech:
    • Verb Mayhem 1 ($2.99) designed for typically-developing 7-year old kids
    • Verb Mayhem 2 ($2.99) designed for typically-developing 8-9 year kids or those who have had 3-4 years of reading English
    • Verb Mayhem 3 ($2.99) designed for typically-developing 10-12 year old kids or those who have had 5-7 years of reading English
  • Grammar Express:  Prepositions Lite by Eknath Kadam (FREE) with 68 pages of grammar rules and 265+ examples
  • Sentence Builder by Mobile Education Tools ($5.99) contains over 100 pictures for kids to build sentences around with optional correct sentence audio reinforcement
  • Sentence Maker by Grasshopper Apps ($0.99) a highly customizable app that enables the user to create and complete their own sentences
  • Comparative Adjectives by Grasshopper Apps (FREE for a limited time only) allows a young kid client tap on the picture that matches a voiced-in description
There are so many more syntax apps in the App Store, both paid and free, that we’d love to include in this list… but we need your help!  Leave a comment below and let us know what syntax apps you have on your iOS device, and which ones do you find most useful and why.

Painting Therapy at the University of the Philippines-Manila

Artistic juices are flowing back at the academe, and wow they are churning out really awesome work!  Congratulations to the artists, the Clinic for Therapy Services (Adolescent and Adult Section) (CTS-AA) and to the College of Allied Medical Professions (CAMP) for this beautiful video (click the link below to view).

UP Manila Painting Therapy at CTS-AA 

Therapy Apps on SALE in celebration of the World Autism Awareness Day on April 2

Heads up!  These apps are on SALE on April 2, World Autism Awareness Day!

We’ll be adding more to this list once we get information about other apps going on sale:

NOTE:  Discount availability varies across apps.  Some are on sale for April 2, others are discounted for the rest of April.



Prices Slashed: