Win a promo code for the app PaPaBong!

We have on hand a small bunch of promo codes for the app PaPaBong, which we recently did a review article on.  If you think you can use a free copy (the app retails for $0.99 in the App Store), we just might gift you one!  The mechanics are really very simple:  

1. Follow / like iSPeak App on our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.

2. Share, repost, and retweet this giveaway page and our review on PaPaBong on Facebook and Twitter.

3. Tell us why you’d like to have a FREE copy of PaPaBong in the comment box at the bottom of this giveaway page.  Make sure you include your email address!

And if you DO win a promo code from us, let us know your thoughts on PaPaBong.  


5 thoughts on “Win a promo code for the app PaPaBong!

  1. This will surely get the attention of my kids. With this, I’ll be able to target different skills and make it truly enjoyable for them too.

  2. I am a speech pathologist and have an ipod touch that I am hoping to fill up with apps to use with my clients. I would like a free code, please!

  3. I just got an iPad. I’ve been hearing so much about PaPaBong from my colleagues and how much kids love them!! It’d be great if I could use it with my clients too. ^_^

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