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PaPaBong: Target vocal intensity, eye-hand coordination & sustained attention all at once… plus a chance to win a copy!

When Ah Up and Ah Up Planet went free, we spread the news and made a lot of our friends and their kid clients very happy.  So happy, we ended up contacting the developers at  They were glad to know that their apps were found to be useful in clinical and educational settings.  After exchanging a few emails with them, we were given the opportunity to review one of their apps:  PaPaBong.

PaPaBong‘s concept is simple:  Use your hands to slap the table on either side of the iOS device, and use your voice to say “BONG!”

Games like these have Dance Revolution as their granddaddy, but now that it can be played on an iOS device, PaPaBong uses the device’s features including the microphone to detect voice and vibration. Put your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad flat on the table.  Choose a level and start the game.  The screen shows three drums at the bottom, and three lines that lead down onto the drums.  Fat birds fall on the left and side drums, and one better be ready to hit the side of the iOS device the moment the bird lands on the drum.  Bird falls on the left drum, hit the table on the device’s left.  Do the same on the other side. However, when a pig lands on the middle drum, produce a BIG voice and say “BONG!”

Make sure your device detects vibration, so you might want to test this app first before going all competitive on your chosen game level.  Pat the drum to speed up or slow the game down.  Watch out for falling bombs!  Hit the drum when a bomb passes it and your hit rate goes down 20%.  

PaPaBong goes for $0.99 on the App Store, but only until October 1, 2011.  After that it will return to $1.99.  Still, it’s a very pocket-friendly price for an app that promises lots of fun.  Makes one wonder who’ll be playing it more:  the kid or the grown-up?

Price: $0.99 (until October 1, $1.99 thereafter)
Weight: 14.2 MB
Updated: 27 June 2011
Version: 1.1
Compatible with: the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
Seller: Zeyu Luo at
Target Population:  children
Awesome if you want to work on:
    • sustained attention
    • eye-hand coordination
    • vocal intensity
    • articulation of voiced phonemes… if produced loudly enough
Customer Ratings (iTunes): 4+ out of 5 smileys
iSPeak App says: 4 out of 5 smileys



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