Games with Purpose 3: Ah Up and Ah Up Planet have gone FREE (again)!

Spread the word:  Our favorite vocal intensity app, Ah Up,  has again gone FREE!  Not only that, it brought along a little brother:  Ah Up Planet.

The last time we raised the “free” flag, we were a tad too late:  Ah Up had gone back to its $0.99 price status.  Today however, you have not one, but TWO Ah Up apps, and you can’t go wrong in downloading one or the other.  Both apps are originally for the iPhone and iPod Touch, but can be run on the iPad with the graphics blown up.  Both of them are beautifully voice-activated and accelerometer-controlled.  Ah Up Planet takes your rocket off a space station platform (we assume the platform is attached to a space station) and straight up into space to gather stars and to run into satellites and other obstacles.  Level up to other planets and discover where your (or your kid client’s) breath capacity and big vocal intensity will take you.

Read our review on the original Ah Up.

Can we have a similar app for adults, say, for those with Parkinson’s disease?  Calling the app developers!

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