Discounted apps! Fire up your iOS device and grab these deals


The school year in the U.S. is just about to start and this is the perfect time to load up on apps that you can use at work!  We rarely get app discounts and freebies in the SpEd and speech-language therapy worlds, so grab the following apps as soon as you can.  NOTE:  Some apps have been by default free, but we all LOVE lists, so here it goes:



For a more complete list, go to the Technology in (Spl) Education site.  Happy downloading!


3 thoughts on “Discounted apps! Fire up your iOS device and grab these deals

  1. Check out the other mathtappers apps too. All of them are free. And they don’t have ads or upsell offers. Really free! Designed by math educators trying to help kids learn math.

    These apps can be used in the classroom to support discussions and then for independent consolidation and fluency building. Parents might also use them to support their children at home.

    MathTappers: find sums to master basic facts addition and subtraction.
    MathTappers: multiples for multiplication facts
    MathTappers: ClockMaster for learning about clocks and time
    MathTappers: Equivalents for building fluency and mastering equivalent fractions, decimals and percents
    MathTappers: Carbon Choices to support a math/science lab on climate change and the choices children can make to reduce their respective carbon footprints

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