Dyslexie: a new typeface to help dyslexics read better (with updated links)

No, this is not an app. This is better than an app. Christian Boer of Studio Studio developed a whole new typeface for individuals with dyslexia in 2008. Since individuals with dyslexia perceive many letters as similar, they often confuse letters such as m/n, i/j, p/q/b. Dyslexie was designed to solve that problem by providing graphic emphasis on the diffrent characteristics of the letters, thereby letting the reader distinguish a letter d from the letter b.

The University of Twente in Netherlands had conducted a study on the typeface. Check out Studio Studio’s website here.

(update)  The University of Twente did not conduct the study, rather, it was Christian Boer’s own work.

If you want to try out the new Dyslexie typeface, head over to Studio Studio’s Textual Examples page and download samples of text (with and without a yellow background).  Do you want to have some of your written samples typed out in Dyslexie?  Drop Christian Boer a line and let him know you’d like to send him written samples (especially those written in your own language, as long as it uses the Roman alphabet) for him to convert and email back to you.

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