SmallTalk Apps (all 13 of them) are now FREE at the App Store

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month!  For this month, we have thirteen reasons to celebrate: Lingraphica (the makers of SmallTalk Aphasia and SmallTalk Dysphagia), appears to have posted several of their apps for FREE downloading at the App Store.  We don’t know until when they’ll be free, and we can only but assume it’s for this year’s BHSM.  Nonetheless, now is a good time to grab these apps and see how useful these can be for our clients with autism and apraxia:

Many of the SmallTalk apps have been by default free, such as the SmallTalk Aphasia and SmallTalk Oral Motor Exercises.

Several of these apps contain flashcards (navigated through either by scrolling up and down or if the device is held in landscape form, as Cover Flow).  A number of them, such as the SmallTalk Consonant Blends and Oral Motor Exercises, have video clips illustrating lingual and labial movements needed for various speech activities.  All of them play back voice clips of each selected flashcard/video, making the entire collection functional as an alternative mode of communication.

According to Lois Jean Brady, CCC-SLP of Pro-Active Speech in California she has used the SmallTalk apps successfully with children on the autism spectrum. She was, as we quote from Advance Newsmagazines, said to have observed, “I have recently had the opportunity to use SmallTalk apps, from Lingraphica, with my students on the spectrum (with and without apraxia). I was amazed at how ideal these apps are for students with autism. They are the perfect visual tool. Students with autism will imitate behaviors from a video more easily than from face-to-face instruction. Video modeling also gives the students the freedom to watch over and over again until the skill is mastered, leading to the acquisition of complex verbal skills. I would recommend the SmallTalk apps to anyone working with students on the spectrum.” [from Advance Newsmagazines, see article here]

The chief executive officer of Lingraphica, Andrew Gomory, had also expressed that “Together, the Lingraphica speech-generating device and the SmallTalk family of apps provide a comprehensive and portable system for stroke survivors.”  [from Advance Newsmagazines, see article here]

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