Pocket SLP’s Minimal Pairs takes phonological processes work to a whole new level

A few days ago, our demos of the Pocket SLP’s Articulation app at the college succeeded at winning it quite a number of new fans and admirers.  The number of flashcards it featured was awesome enough, but what really brought more ooohs from everyone were the calculated progress charts.  Unfortunately for everyone, we didn’t get to show them THIS app: Minimal Pairs.

Working on basically the same premise as Pocket SLP’s Articulation, the 800-card app targets phonological processes specifically using, well, minimal pairs flashcards.  After you download the app and start it up, you are prompted to create a client’s record and indicate whether you wish to use expressive activities (your student says both target words) and receptive activities (the student identifies which word in a pair of cards matches a target sound).  The app then asks you to select which of the following processes you would like to target:

  • Cluster Reduction
  • Deaffrication
  • Final Consonant Deletion
  • Final Devoicing
  • Fronting (Palatal)
  • Fronting (Velar)
  • Gliding of /l/
  • Gliding of /r/
  • Initial Consonant Deletion
  • Prevocalic Voicing
  • Stopping of Fricatives
  • Stridency Deletion

Each screen features two flashcards using your desired minimal pair words. On the top of the screen are SLP-specific buttons:

  • recording button: to record your voice or your client’s voice for the target words
  • playback button
  • CHECK button: to mark correctly-produced items
  • X button: to mark incorrectly-produced items
  • APPROXIMATION button: for items that the client produced an approximation of the target word
  • INFO button: brings you to a diagram chart where you select two phonemes to view how one is produced (lateral view) compared to the other
  • Results button: the best part yet! This shows you a report of your client’s progress.  You are given three choices on how you wish to view the results:
    • spreadsheet:  shows you reports with names, processes, percentages (of correct, incorrect answers) and raw scores
    • line graph: draws a graph showing the percentages of your client’s performance for the past five sessions
    • report card: a table with all the info you need, PLUS a “homework text” feature that shows exactly what must be practiced outside the therapy session.  And take note:  this individualized take-home activity can be emailed or even printed!

What makes this app truly awesome:

  • 800  flashcards… for a price like this, it beats most conventional flashcards packs
  • highly customizable:  from creating a client record to selecting which processes to target to homework-making
  • it SPEAKS! Each picture shown is accompanied by an audio clip that says the target word.  Don’t want the app to say the words? Hit the mute button
  • the results reports (and formats):  we all love the tangible nature of numbers and percentages =)

What this app could improve on:

  • (I could wish for a feature that converts those results reports to a narrative format at a touch of a button, but I reckon that’s asking for a tad bit too much… 😉  )

Synapse Apps’ products have definitely raised the bar when it comes to therapy apps.  By doing so they have managed to show exactly what should be included in speech therapy apps.  The problem is that we end up looking for these crucial characteristics in other apps, and there are only a few apps (at present) that could meet our new set of expectations.

Still, Pocket SLP’s Minimal Pairs is hAPPiness at therapy =)

Price: $29.99
Weight: 35.7 MB
Updated: 21 February 2011
Version: 1.01
Compatible with: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (Needs iOS 3.0 up)
Seller: Synapse Apps LLC
Target Population: children and adults
Awesome if you want to work on:
  • articulation, most especially phonological processes
Customer Ratings (iTunes): 5 out of 5 smileys
iSPeak App says: 5 out of 5 smileys






2 thoughts on “Pocket SLP’s Minimal Pairs takes phonological processes work to a whole new level

    • The Pocket Artic and the /R/ App are also available for those running on Android. The rest of the Pocket SLP apps run on iOS devices at present. I’m almost certain they will work towards making them available for Android devices as well. See http://pocketslp.com/apps/

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