TapBase Gives Away 3 Apps for Free

One of our favorite app developers, TapBase LLC, is recently giving away three of its apps for FREE!  All three apps are useful utility-type ones:  a gear log app, a scanner app, and a phone tracker app.

GearID helps the gadgeteer/technogeek in you keep track of all your gear such as computers, cameras, lenses, bikes, hard drives, flat screen TVs, DVD players, etc.  One can use GearID to enter crucial gear data such as product names, serial numbers (eliminate the future need to squeeze yourself behind the TV or dig out the manual just to locate the serial number), purchase price, warranty dates and expiry dates, insurance details, etc.  One awesome feature is that you can use GearID to scan the product’s bar code to make data entry easier.  This app can sync your data to your computer, has an option to protect your beloved gear list with a PIN, and even ties up warranty expiry dates to your Calendar to remind you when your beloved tech stuff’s warranty is about to terminate.

TapReader is a QR code reader.  In case some of you are wondering what a QR code (or QuickResponse code) is, it is a specific matrix barcode that looks like a squarish set of patterns against a white background.  Scan the QR code with the necessary barcode reader (or more popularly, by a camera phone), and you get information about the product such as business card details (in vCard format), URLs, email addresses and even SMS and save it in your phone.

Finally, one of the most popular ones in TapBase’s roster of apps is TapTrace Pro.  If the app is enabled while the phone is on, it quietly runs in the background.  Should you lose your phone or if it were stolen, TapTrace Pro helps you locate your phone via GPS.  It can even text your phone and inform the person who is in possession of your phone to return your phone to a specified address and contact a specified phone number.  Messaging remains anonymous between the sender and receiver.  The coolest part of this app is that, if your phone is an iPhone 4 with a front-facing camera, TapTrace Pro can quietly snap a picture of the person holding your phone and send the data to you via TapTrace’s webpage.

While these apps may not necessarily have anything to do with our line of work as therapists, these make your iDevice extra useful.  We have no information as to how long will these apps remain free, so our advice to you is click on that download button and start getting these apps before they cease being free.


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