Distracted When Doing Paperwork? Try Distraction-Free Ommwriter & CreaWriter

It’s the holidays.  You swore by your upcoming 2011 patient load that you will and shall finish your overdue reports this holiday break.  You sit in front of your computer, evaluation reports and notes at hand, fingers poised at the keyboard and hand on the mouse.

One hour later you guiltily realize you’ve been on Facebook, on YouTube, had been firing up one tweet after another on Twitter, and had uploaded your mom’s high school reunion pictures in her Shutterfly account.  Basically, you’ve done almost everything you needed to do in front of the computer BUT your reports.

There just might be a way to salvage what’s left of your holiday break and put the remaining days into good use as you had originally intended.  Enter Ommwriter for Mac and CreaWriter for Windows.

Both the Ommwriter and CreaWriter are plain word processors stripped down to their bare essentials.  No, they don’t do magic like zapping away all that can distract you or grab your eyeballs and after slapping a pair of blinders on them make you focus on the screen.  Fire up either one (depending on what OS and computer you are using), and your screen is reduced to a neutral, Zen-like, simple wallpaper on which you can type your text.

Swipe your mouse on specific areas and you can perform basic tweaks:
  • change fonts
  • change font size
  • change wallpaper
  • change background music
  • change keyboard tones
  • save document
I wrote this blog using Ommwriter and simply cut-pasted the text onto WordPress.  For an even better writing experience I slapped on a couple of buds and had the app’s ambient music play into my head.  Click on each image to play a demo video.

Both apps’s basic versions are free to download.  Both too have paid versions, which offer more customizable features such as changing font styles, autosave times, additional audio and visual experiences, etc.  (Ommwriter Dana starts at US$4.11, CreaWriter welcomes donations of any amount).

Surprisingly, the app does help one concentrate and get into the report-writing zone.  Remember though, a few things are necessary when you do use either app:
  • you must be very resolute in wanting to finish your paperwork
  • consciously reduce visual and auditory distractions
  • be awake: maintain alertness levels in any way you see fit but stay in front of the screen!
  • save your document…often!
Download and enjoy Ommwriter and CreaWriter, everyone =)  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

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