Swype (beta) Now Available for Android Phones

Android welcomes one of its most awaited apps:  Swype.  The app may just introduce the slow phase-out of tap-tap-typing and make typing on your Android-capable phone faster the Swype way.

It’s hard to not appreciate how awesome Swype is and what it can do to revolutionize text messaging and emailing.  Imagine using this app on, say, a Nokia C7 or a Samsung Galaxy Tab.  Sure, you may want to type your message the classic way, but if you feel like tracing and composing with one finger, it’ll feel like you’re waving a baton on your phone’s touchscreen.

That was for Swyping the word “quick,” by the way.

How to get it? First, check and see if your Android baby meets Swype’s requirements.  Then click your way to Swype’s website, register for a beta version, and open the emailed link via your Android device to download the app.

Swype’s memory footprint, a little under 1 mb, shouldn’t hog much of your phone’s storage.  The site also claims there is almost no learning curve as the movements needed takes on a supremely natural feel.  And while typing on a computer keyboard should take 50-60 wpm, Swype said using the swypey method can make your fingers spew out 40 wpm (versus the classic tap-tap’s 35 wpm).

Among the (present) compatible Android phones are Motorola i1, Motorola CliqXT, Motorola Droid X, Samsung Omnia II, myTouch 3G, myTouch 4G, HTC HD2, Huawei Comet, Nokia C7, Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy Tab.  To check if your Android phone is happy and ready to receive Swype, check out their website.  And if you think you’re happy and ready to download Swype, check out their tutorial video on how to use it.

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