FREE until December 1! Access Your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch in Real Disk Mode using Phone Disk

Those of us who have grown up on Windows Explorer and/or Mac Finder may slog our way through iTunes, trying to figure out how to copy media into our iDevices or how to remove and archive apps.

For those of you who want the sweet simplicity of drag-dropping, Phone Disk may just be your thing.  Download Phone Disk, install and run it.  Running on very few resources, Phone Disk can simply sit in your computer’s taskbar until such time when you hook up your iDevice via USB cable.  Phone Disk opens your iDevice’s file directory via Explorer, Finder, or using your favorite file manager program.

Two things that makes Phone Disk useful:

  • it can make your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch act as an external hard drive. Save documents and presentations on your iDevice and access these in a computer with Phone Disk installed.  Edit your files directly and save it again in your iDevice.
  • if you don’t have iTunes in another computer but you installed Phone Disk, mount your iDevice via USB cable, drag-drop pictures and view them in your iDevice.  That easy!

The word “FREE” always enters willing eyes and ears, so fire up your connection and get this program from on or before December 1 before it disappears!

Price: FREE
Weight: 1.7 MB (for Windows PC), 6.5 MB (for Mac)
System Requirements: Windows PC:  Windows XP, Vista, or 7 and itunes (8, 9 or later) OR Mac,  Intel processor, Mac OSX 10.5, 10.6 or later, iTunes 8, 9 or later

Version: 1.100 (Windows PC), 1.673 (for Mac)
Devices Recognized: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad.
Seller: Macroplant LLC

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