iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad? The Budget-Conscious Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Right iDevice.

We have gotten numerous questions from friends about the differences among the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad and which one is worth getting.  It’s always a tough decision to make for the soon-to-be-iDevice-owner.  For those who ask, we throw back two important questions:

  • What do you need it for?
  • How much moolah are you willing (and able) to cough out?

There are several flowcharts online that aim to help us in making a decision, but none of them really answered the question of affordability.  So, SPeak App made its own decision tree and took into account the following factors:

  • purpose (music, videos, apps, calls, SMS?)
  • budget
  • touchscreen real estate
  • portability
  • safety (in other words, is it risky to bring/use an iDevice in this fair city of ours?)
  • necessity of being online anywhere, anytime
Check out the .pdf version here.
A few disclaimers though:
  • this flowchart is merely a guide and does not take in all of the factors that YOU might have in mind (weight, availability of accessories, differences in app pricing, if it matches your handbag or which one is better at slicing bread)
  • SPeak App is in no way connected to Apple, the Apple Store, or any third party merchants who distribute the said iDevices.  Heck, even if it were, SPeak App would be blogging its own store (if it had one in the first place!!).  IOW, SPeak App can help guide you to making your decision, not coerce you to get a gadget 😉
So, ok, you’ve made a decision already? Ready to buy one?
Next question is where to buy, right?  More importantly, where can you get the best iDevice bargains in town? Or where outside town, if you plan to fly out and do some shopping.

SPeak App’s got a few price quotes researched from a few stores here and in select Asian countries.  Post a comment at the end of this blog if you WANT SPeak App to come up with a price comparison chart. Yep, there’s the Comments section a few centimeters from here. Click on that and post your request.  We just want to know just how many people out there need this sort of info.

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