First, a bit of eSPlaining to do… Why SPeak App?

iSPeak App is actually an excuse to avoid the paperwork us therapists are known to drown in.

No. We’re kidding!

After years of working as a speech-language pathologist, one does run out of ideas and creativity.  You know what I mean:  you know the exact page number of the exact workbook for the exact problem your kid client has.  The moment an adult client walks in and you hear him talk, you probably know what the problem is and what can be done.  Heck, you may be able to SMELL aphasia a few feet away.

Salvation came in a little brick of a phone called the iPhone.  For others, it was a thinner brick called the iPod Touch.  For those who like to super-size things, the iPad.  Suddenly the geek in this SP woke up and started downloading and chomping apps.  Ah APPS…  iTunes finally showed what it was for.

While I admit that 70% of my iDevice is composed of games, I have a select handful of work-related apps.  Some were gotten for free, some were not, some were bought on sale, some…well, were free once. These have been a joy to use with both kid and adult clients.  And you know what happens when an SP is happy with something.  He/she does what he/she does best:


And SPeak.

Over and over and over again.  SPeak of one “in” thing to one SP, you’re guaranteed to have that tidbit passed on.

Really, Steve Jobs should hire SPs to do his marketing campaign.  App developers should snap up us therapists to market their work.  We are walking commercials and are natural marketing agents.  We never get tired doing what we were trained to do: TALK.  In return, all us SPs want are SP APPS!  Right?  C’mon, admit it (yes, yes, AND a free game or two especially made for destressing).

Many of my Facebook posts were all about Mac and/or the iPhone.  When the App Store announced that it has finally created a Special Education section, my good buds Loumel and Trina suggested that we recommend apps that are eSPecially useful for SPs and kids.  When I posted that thought on Twitter and asked the lovely #tweeSPs for suggestions, Sandy of Davao said, well, what about “SPeak App”?

The name SPeak App was uncontested and, within, was untaken.

So here we are =)


SPs gadgeteers UNITE!  SPeak App will be serving you with recommended apps, iDevice accessories, even app usage strategies that gives you EVERY excuse to tap-tap, swipe-swipe, shake and tilt while doing your work.

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